Some Random SIFF Notes

I’ve been enjoying doing the long writeups but they take forever to write and during SIFF time is one thing that is not coming easy. Still, I’m trying, possibly by the end of the week I’ll catch up. In the meantime here are some others doing SIFF blogging:

  • Roya is blogging her films seen as well as putting up fest-going experiences at Ketchup Mess
  • Socialretard is doing his thing at Film Lovers Are Sick People although he also seems to be poking some stuff into his Livejournal as well.
  • KZA is MIA this year, we are sad.
  • Ken Rudolph has been blogging SIFF for years, and his goal is to see a staggering 120 films in 2006 (this includes the three weeks of press screenings you get with a Full Series Pass before the fest even starts.) Just one more reason to look forward to retirement.
  • The Stranger has been posting occasional dispatches
  • As is Cinematical
  • I just found a blog by this guy named Shawn who seems to be seeing some movies
  • Last year Tablet ran but it appears to be dead now, despite me seeing some links wandering around in various places
  • Jake Ludington is posting MP3s of interviews he’s doing with various SIFF directors. How do I get that gig??

Additionally, Roya setup a Flickr Photo Pool for SIFF-related photos, so if you take any photos around SIFF please add them!

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8 Responses to “Some Random SIFF Notes”

  1. Jake Ludington Says:

    I’m only about 20 movies in so far, so I think Ken is likely going to kick my butt. Little Fugitive from director Joanna Lipper is an early favorite in my book, although 13 TZAMETI gets a solid thumbs up for simply being creepy. BTW, you can add my growing list of SIFF director interviews to the list of SIFF related blogs.

  2. gdd Says:

    Sadly I’m not going to be able to make either of those. My schedule is already jam-packed. Stupid full time job! I’m up to 12. I kept a pretty good pace over the weekend but during the week I’m stuck on 1-2 a day. How did you score those interviews? That would be a great gig.

  3. Jake Ludington Says:

    Basically, I got the interviews by registering as press. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that my full time gig is online publishing. ;)

  4. Steve Says:

    Sorry to hear you won’t make “13 Tzameti” — saw it New Directors/New Films a couple months back. It’s really quite good.

  5. gdd Says:

    I actually went back and looked at our schedule and for the two screening times we have one situation where the gap from the film before is too tight to make, and the other would make a five movie Sunday. Now I’m insane and all, I’d do a five movie Saturday, but a five movie Sunday with the last movie at 9:30 and work the next day? Not going to happen. Hopefully I can catch up with it some other time.

  6. Scott Says:

    I certainly hope that you meant to say Kent was MIA this year. If he’s a prisoner of war, well, we gotta do something about that. ;-)

  7. gdd Says:

    Jeez you’re right, I’m firing my copy editor.

  8. Kza Says:

    See, the prisoner metaphor worked for me. But I doubt anyone else would understand :-)

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